Fashionable Protection

Protect yourself and others from most airborne allergens, colds, flus, and pollution. Engineered with high-tech textiles and medical grade inner structural supports to enhance breathability and comfort. Hundreds of hours of thought and design went into creating a superior quality fashionable accessory. Our lead designers, with over 50 years of collective experience, have created a superior and premium face mask.

Travel, Work, Play in Style

Breathe comfortably in airports, shopping malls, supermarkets, concerts, trains, cities, and crowds.

Up to 88% effective shield against bacteria as indicated by independent lab testing

With TWO  layers of self-wicking compression fabric enveloping a dense layer of high-grade antimicrobial pad/filter, it is a very effective barrier against many airborne contaminants and pollution. It is not FDA nor NIOSH tested or rated and is intended for personal, non-occupational use.

Safely Enjoy the Outdoors With Clean Air

Our Goal: To design and produce in the USA a multi-layered textile personal face mask which is unlike many masks being hastily made in this current global pandemic. We took the time and care to have it lab-tested and the results show that it is very effective in preventing the expulsion and inhalation of up to 88% of airborne contaminants and respiratory droplets. The Health Mask is meant only for personal and non-occupational use. Our second goal is to create a fashionable accessory with high-grade textiles and vibrant patterns to de-stigmatize the face mask in public travel and in crowded settings.

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